Starting over at the age of 40 is hard. Especially when you are a single mother. Especially when the label “Fat” or “Pathetic” or “Unattractive” from your ex husband kind of embedded in your head.

I was pretty sure that no man will ever want to be with me. Until I spent the night with a stranger I met online. The first man after the bad breakup. The first man that managed to convinced me that there’s nothing wrong with me.

Well .. maybe he was just saying that to get me to bed. But not long after that, other man keeps coming, showing interest .. which overwhelmed me. Some of them is way younger than me. Peculiar. Even the cute guy I datedĀ almost a decade ago showed up again and asked me out for coffee.

What are the odds?

So .. this is the kind of journal that will show you that I may beĀ 40, but I am not dead yet! I know how to be responsible and have a lot of fun on my journey in finding the right partner. I may have to sleep with them .. so don’t judge!

Fear not, ladies. We all can be 40 and still have an adventurous life!


Disclaimer: I love Scott Rohfls art, so most of the illustration you see in this page are his.